Thank you to all our donors and contributors, we are very grateful. This page gives you information on the progress of the hut renovations and how to support us.
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Hut Renovations - Fundraising and Progress

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The beginning of the hut renovations

Having established that the costs for demolishing and building a brand new hut were just going to be too high for us to manage, a decision has been made to renovate our existing building - starting with removing the asbestos within the panelling in December 2021 and January 2022. The builders have been replacing the exterior panelling at the same time, which is why it looks so much better already. This is in preparation for strengthening work on the building, which we hope to start in 2022. Please support our fundraising to help pay for all this work!


Renovations of the hut exterior

The renovations of our Scout hut are continuing to move forward. Following the replacements of the exterior panelling the hut has now been transformed from a dull, grey undercoat colour to a dark green that blends in much more with its surroundings.

Thanks to a number of parents giving up their time to help our committee, over four evenings in June 2022 we managed to give all four of our new walls two good coats of waterproof paint. We’re very grateful to those parents, and our committee, for the time and effort they put into this, on what was a hot and sticky week, perfect for drying the paint! 

Next on the agenda: The toilets


From all the feedback we’ve had from children, parents and leaders, these were clearly the top priority for the vast majority of people! We have had plans drawn up free of charge, thanks to architect Peter Lindley-Hughes at S11 Architecture, and whilst we wait for detailed quotes from our builders, we’re asking all of the children and young people in the Group to see what they can do to help us raise funds over the summer holidays. From sponsored silences to bake sales, garden parties to Smartie tubes filled with coins, we’re encouraging them to do whatever they can to help us raise money towards replacing the toilets. Every penny raised will count towards a new tap, sink, toilet or tile! If you know anyone in the Group, please consider sponsoring them or donating if they do something to raise funds - we will be very grateful. Further information on ways to support us are given below.

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Sign up for Amazon Smile to support us

If you use Amazon please consider buying through Amazon Smile and register our Scout group as your charity. Whenever you buy through Amazon Smile a donation is made to the group. This is a simple way for you to support the Scout group, it doesn’t cost you anything extra and you are helping boosting our funds by shopping this way. 

Visit our Amazon Smile here.

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Sign up for easyfundrasing to support us

You can also shop online using easyfundrasing, supporting us with no extra cost to you, there are no catches or hidden charges and we will be really grateful for your donations. It’s really simple to get started, click here and sign up for free.

Every time you shop online via easyfundraising at one of the 3,300 retailers including John Lewis, Amazon, Aviva, Sainsbury’s and, to name but a few, a donation will be made to our Group, without costing you a penny. You just need to remember to shop through the easy fundraising website or app. To remind you a donation reminder button can be downloaded. 

Sponsored events

A great way to help with the fundraising is to support the Beavers, Cubs, Scouts and Explorers to run their own fundraiser event - bake sale, sponsored silence, whatever you like! You can also sponsor them for an activity such as running a race, or another activity of their choice.

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Fun Day 24th April 2022

Thank you to all who attended and volunteered at the Fun Day on 24th April, which had the aim of providing free activities for children to enjoy, whilst giving the adults a chance to find out more about what is going on with the hut renovation work. The children had opportunities to make bird feeders and wands, design their dream Scout Hut, play outdoor games, do a scavenger hunt - and, the perennial Scout favourite, make armpit fudge! Plenty of buns and cakes were available to enjoy, too. The Scout Group’s executive committee members were on hand to talk to and explain what can be done to help raise funds. You can read further about them here below, we encourage everyone to sign up for EasyFundraising and AmazonSmile as well as considering joining our Lottery.


The toilets were high on everyone’s list of things that we need to improve, so we have decided to prioritise getting them replaced next, along with getting some structural work done in the same part of the building.


Christmas Craft and Gift Fair - November 2021

A Christmas Craft fair was organised for Saturday 27th November, 2021, however the weather was not very kind to us on the day as it snowed heavily overnight. We however went ahead with a much smaller event, mostly involving selling hot drinks and cakes as well offering craft activities to those who braved the weather and came to see us. Most importantly we sold raffle tickets with lots of fantastic prizes to be won, donated from local businesses, parents and others. In total we raised around £700 from the event, towards the refurbishment costs, which was a great start, and we really appreciate everyone's support - thank you!

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