Cubs start work on A Million Hands project

Our Thursday Cub pack have started working on a new project known as A Million Hands. The campaign, which is run by the Scout Association in partnership with 7 charities aims to mobilise half a million scouts by the end of 2018 in support of 4 social issues. The campaign is intended to run for 4 years and the aim is to build lasting relationships in communities that will enable young people to keep taking action long into the future.

The issue that the Cubs are going to be working on is improving access to clean water and sanitation, in partnership with the charity Water Aid. The Cubs will be working on this project for the next few months and there are 5 key steps we will be taking:

1. Identify and understand the need

2. Plan action

3. Take action

4. Learn and make more change

5. Tell the world

The Cubs started off the first week of their project by learning about a water, sanitation and hygiene project that took place in Nicaragua last year. Assistant Cub Scout Leader, James Bridgens, took part in volunteering project there from September - December last year and gave a presentation about his experience and the work carried out while he was over there. The cubs also took part in a activity designed to demonstrate the amount of water that we use in everyday activities, the importance of using less water and the impact that high water usage has on the environment.

The Cubs continued learning about good hygeine practices in the second week, where they learnt about the importance of washing your hands and how germs can be spread. The Cubs took part in a very messy activity involving glitter, where they learnt how easy it was for germs to be passed on to other people and how they can stop spreading germs. Using their new found knowledge, they then created posters about what they had learnt, to encourage and promote good hygiene practices. We are now displaying the posters in the kitchen, toilets and the foyer of our HQ.

We are looking forward to continuing the project next week!

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